The familiarity of Christmas?

Just imagine if Mary had said ‘no!’  Where would that have taken us with nativity plays?  I have no idea.  Thankfully though, her humility was so pure that her level of trust allowed her to take on something that she must have had questions about.

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Somehow it has happened again!

Somehow it has happened again, it does so every four years.  Despite our best efforts we collectively as a nation raise our hopes to believe in the seemingly impossible, winning the World Cup.  Some of you reading this will already be groaning internally, possibly externally, complaining that you began reading this piece trying to escape World Cup fever but that just proves my point, doesn’t it?  You can’t escape hope, even if you try to.

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Graham Coyle
Easter 2018 blog

The power of God’s life is a transformative force.  The story of Jesus’ resurrection tells the same story of life overwhelming death, of hope extinguishing grief and of love triumphing over fear.  In the same way that the spring will transform a garden, God’s life transforms everything. 

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