Junior Church

We love our kids and passionately desire to see them encounter God’s presence in an environment that is safe, friendly and really fun!  We meet on Sunday mornings, after a time of all-age worship. We have a creche for infants, a group for our 3-6 year olds and one for our children aged 7-11.  Together we are learning about Kingdom culture - Father’s heart, character and love.  Part of our morning includes a quiet “soaking in His presence” time so that we can truly see ourselves through Father’s eyes.

We want to see our children confident in their destiny and equipped to fulfill Jesus’ call in their lives, right now and in the future.


WorldChangers are our 11-13 year olds. They each have a unique and powerful destiny in Jesus and we want to help them learn and grow in their knowledge of who He has made them to be and what being a disciple looks like in their world. We usually meet on Sunday mornings at 11am.