At City Church we are all part of the family. Our hearts and doors are open to welcome all people, every age, race or background into our community and the family of God. We love our city and want to “win Worcester and the world” for the gospel of Christ. We desire to “grow big people” in discipling relationships who will go on to disciple others. We want to foster a culture where people can “feel safe & be brave” secure in their place within the family and confident to step into the amazing plans God has for them.

Our core values


We enjoy the presence of God among us

Our expectation is that the presence of God is not simply a metaphor but becomes a practical reality. We desire above all else to be with Him and we believe that His desire is to be with His Church through the Holy Spirit.


We work in teams

We have a team of leaders who are responsible for the spiritual health and wellbeing of City Church.  All ministries and activities are run by teams and although each team has leaders we see that everyone has a part to play in making the team successful.


We make people a priority

City Church is a ‘safe place’, where people find value as sons and daughters of God, where they can live in the fullness of all that He intends for them and where they can be trained and equipped to serve and represent Him in the community.  Our focus is primarily on growing people rather than simply growing numbers.


We spread the Good News

We have come into a relationship with God through believing in the work of Jesus and being reborn into a new life of forgiveness and freedom; this is the gospel. We now live under God’s benevolent reign in His Kingdom.  Our privilege and responsibility is to make this good news known to all who wish to hear it.


We take growing as disciples of Jesus seriously

We hope to live in a way that demonstrates God’s grace, forgiveness, generosity, freedom, healing and justice. We are not perfect but we can all learn from the One who is. We want people to know the Holy Spirit at work in their lives helping them to grow.