Acts 21

Chapter 21 starts with Paul sailing around different countries, meeting the believers there and encouraging them in their faith. They all clearly love and honour him, weeping as he leaves. 

 On two occasions a prophetic word is given to Paul that he will be bound and handed over by the Jews into the hands of the Gentiles in Jerusalem. They all know this would not be a good thing, the brothers try to persuade him not to go to Jerusalem but Paul knows this is God’s will for him, so he goes. He does get arrested in Jerusalem, just as was prophesied. 

 My challenge from this chapter is do I know what God has called me to do? Am I doing it?

 If other people persuade me that it will be bad for me, am I strong enough in my faith to stand for what I know to be God, even if it isn’t going to be comfortable for me.

 Paul didn’t just face a few people pressuring him, it says the whole city was aroused against him.(v 30) It’s really hard to imagine how that must feel. Some of what they were saying was untrue about him. Have you been wrongly accused by people? I guess most of us have at some time, but the way to freedom is to forgive them and let the love of God strengthen you, knowing that you have a reward awaiting in Heaven that far outweighs any hardship we may face now.