Acts 20

Paul continues to hurtle around the Roman empire under personal threat, arriving in what is now Western Turkey. Those ‘ships’ were probably smaller than Worcester’s Pride of the Midlands party boat! As this chapter closes Paul steels his companions to no longer focus their emotions and confidence on him declaring that they already have seen, have heard, and possess all they need to press on with their own journeys.

Seen this somewhere before, haven’t we.(Hint – Jesus!) So, hear it here in Acts 20 and spur yourself with it. 

Earlier, we found him ardently speaking ‘on and on and on’ into the night and to next morning but the only words relayed are: “Don’t be alarmed – he is alive!”

Definitely heard THAT somewhere before too! Fortify yourself with this too.

 I like how Paul hears the Spirit’s urging and warnings from the locals and is as compelled by it as if he had heard it himself directly. Distinctly upset at parting ways, his companions still take him to the next boat and on Paul goes towards expected turbulence, bound by his mission and bound for Jerusalem and another Pentecost. 

For a bonus, look again in this chapter and you can see God’s glory in evidence in various forms more than 12 times. Now look back over your own week and count some there too.

There you go! In God, His word and His glory and grace. More Lord?

Have I gone on and on and on? Here’s what you need to hear most: Don’t be alarmed - He is alive.