Acts 27


Life is a journey, and certainly an unpredictable one. The only hope that we have is knowing that our Father is literally holding us by the hand saying “Son/daughter…I’ve got this” (read Isaiah 41:13). Jesus, our precious Saviour, even boldly stated that in this life we will have trials and tribulations (read John 16:33), but of course, through Him we shall remain victorious despite the circumstances (read 1 Corinthians 15:57).

 It is easier said than done though of course, to adopt this powerful unshakeable mindset, but we have to continue renewing our minds with this truth knowing that there is a greater purpose and will even in the storms, as everything will work out for good (read Romans 12:2; 8:28). With this hope-filled mindset, we will be an impactful example to those around us who need to keep their eyes fixed on Him (read Psalm 121).

 In Acts 27, Paul and his fellow onboard companions embark on a voyage to Rome where Paul has been called to. Along the way, they encounter strong contrary winds (verse 4), but they allowed these winds to eventually enable them to stumble across an Alexandrian ship which was sailing to Italy (verse 6). There are times in life when we may want to be stubborn and continue to pursue a path which simply is not working. We may be ignoring the ‘contrary winds’ or sound advice, wanting to continue on with whatever we have ‘perfectly planned’, and yet the difficulty persists. This all may be an indication that we must simply let go, listen and surrender to Him. It is then that we will see God’s perfect plan (read Proverbs 19:21). 

Paul later anticipates that the journey will be a disastrous one (verse 9). He appears to be completely discouraged; hopeless. He was very conscious of the physical barriers, rather than his greater purpose. They encountered the storms (verses 13-21), but then Paul was reminded by an angel of God that he must be brought before Caesar to declare the Word in Rome, that God has granted him this promise (verse 24), and so he used this message to encourage the others. They eventually were shipwrecked on the Maltese island south of Italy (verses 39-44) where God wanted to utilise Paul to further his ministry, far more than Paul even imagined prior to Rome. It just shows that God can beautify any circumstance. He can take you to places greater than you ever imagined if you simply trust and allow Him to. 

In life, we have to hold on to who we know God to be (our Provider, our Protector, our Way-maker) and hold on to those prophesies and promises declared into our lives. We have to encourage ourselves in Him and encourage others. We must trust our Father. He is holding our hand.