Acts 1

What a time to have lived in. 

The journey so far ............ 

Just a bunch of plain ordinary people doing life, and then Jesus arrives. 


The calling, the following, the journeying, the teaching, the intimacy with the man who called himself the Son of God. 

They, the teachers of the law & the people had their preconceptions turned upside down & inside out as Jesus talked & lived the Kingdom of God. 


And then the confusion, the fear, the lost feeling as they see Him crucified. The defeat. 


But as we know then came the resurrection, the appearances & the ascension .......... How did they get their heads around these events ? Did faith wax & wane, or steadily increase ?


This bunch of ordinary men were told 

to wait. To wait for the Holy Spirit. The gift that the Father had promised.  The Holy Spirit that had spoken through David foretelling the coming of Jesus. There would be a baptism with the Holy Spirit. A transformation of mind, body & spirit. 


But what next ? The Great Commission - to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria & to the ends of the earth. This whole, slightly unbelievable, crazy story. Or ..... this is Emmanuel .......... GOD with us. 


Imagine yourself there. 

Feel the excitement, questioning, faith, fear in their journey with this Jesus.


We are to wait for the same Holy Spirit. The breath of God bringing life to what we do each & every day. The small, the large. Amongst our families, communities & further afield. God is infused here & taken to the ends of the earth by us. As individuals and together. 


Come Holy Spirit. 

Come again. 

Come breathe into me.